The Ragdoll breed was born in California around 1965, and is believed to have originated with a white longhair female called Jospehine, a cat looked like a Birman and other sons of Josephine.
The Ragdoll breeds true. The name Ragdoll came about because of this cat's ability to relax like a child's toy rag-doll. They use to go limp in owner's arms, when picked up.
Ragdolls are affectionate and devote cats. They are loving, placid but very playful. They are very intelligent and can be trained. They are especially sweet and not fighters. They love their owner and follow him everywhere around the home! They are not afraid of travel.
Ragdolls are big cats. The males weight around 7-8 Kg and the females are 4-5 Kg. They grow slowly and they go on gaining until they are 2-3 years old. The kittens are born white and their color and patterns starting to show when about 10 days old. 

There are 3 PATTERNS for Ragdolls :

BICOLOR: Point colored ears, tail and mask. The mask should have a white inverted "V". Legs, feet, ruff and stomach are white. Nose and paw pads are pink. 

MITTED: Point colored mask, ears, and tail. Legs with white mittens, evenly matched on front feet and white boots on back feet. The white must go around the hocks. White chin, ruff and stomach. Paw pads are pink. 

COLORPOINT: Point colored mask, ears, tail, feet, nose and paw pads. The body is lighter than the points' color. No white is allowed in colorpoint. 

All these patterns exist in 4 COLORS : 





There is now a new pattern: TABBY POINT ( or Lynx ) and new colors as: RED POINT ( or flame ) and TORTIE. 

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The ideal Ragdoll grows large and heavy. Full weight and size is not expected for at least 4 years. The cat is firm and muscular with no fat except on the lower abdomen. Overall impression is of subdued power. Females may be smaller than males.
The coat lies with the body and breaks as the cat moves. The coat is longest around the neck and the edges of face giving the appearance of a bib. The coat is short on the face and increases in length from the top of the head down through the shoulders blades and back, with the coat on the sides and stomach being medium to long. The paws are feather tufted. The eyes are oval in shape and deep blue color. The rear legs are higher than front legs.