NAME OF CAT:       Ragmeister’s Diego                                       

BORN:  07/04/2001                         

COLOR: seal colorpoint                                                                                                

SEX: male                           


SIRE: Ragmeister’s Sydney

Blue Bicolor

DAM: Ragmeister’s Anastasia

Seal Colorpoint





Kat’s Meow Lord Excalibur

Lilac Bicolor

CH Kiekatze Lord Studley of Kats Meow

Blue Mitted

Hoosier Dolls Augustus Simba

Seal Colorpoint

Blossom  Time Tony of Ragtime – Seal Bicolor

Ragtime Mindy of Kandu – Seal Colorpoint

Kiekatze Letitia

Seal Mitted

Raggles Goodtime Charlie – Chocolate Bicolor

Rggles Razzle Dazzle – Seal Mitted

Sugarpaw Lady Sara of Chatandolls

Seal Bicolor

Ragtime’s Hoosier Little Boy

Seal Colorpoint

CH Raggedy Ann Kennedy of Ragtime – Seal Mitted

Ragtime Sal – Lilac Colorpoint

Sugarpaw Monique

Chocolate Bicolor

Ragtime’s Hoosier Little Boy – Seal Bicolor

Ragtime Little Girl – Seal Bicolor

Ragmeister’s Laverne

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Bicolor


Babablue of Ragmeister

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Mitted

Mr Diamond Stud of Rags2riches

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Mitted

Ceaser – Blue Lynx (Tabby) Mitted

Shammie – Seal Colorpoint

Bonnie Sue

Blue Lynx (Tabby) Colorpoint

Dimon – Blue Lynx (Tabby) Mitted

Muffy! - Seal Mitted

Ragnarok’s Desilu of Ragmeister

Blue Colorpoint

Ragnarok’s Coby

Blue Colorpoint

Rway Boris of Ragnarok – Seal Colorpoint

Ragnarok’s Sophie - Seal Colorpoint

Ragnarok’s Blueberry Muffin

Blue Mitted

Ragnarok’s Blue Thunder – Blue Mitted

Ragnarok’s Captain Cat - Chocolate Bicolor

Ch. Prince Charming of Ragmeister

Blue Colorpoint


QGC Hollyfarms Michaelangelo

Seal Mitted

CH Dandenong Snowshoes of Hollyfarms

Seal Mitted

GRC Ragnarok’s Tuff Guy of Dandenong – Chocolate Colorpoint

CH Ragnarok Crystabelle – Blue Mitted

Dandenong Chantilly Blue

Lilac Colorpoint

Lonerock Mr Snow of Ragabye – Blue Colorpoint

CH Ragmar’s O J of Dandenong – Seal Colorpoint

Marisa China Doll

Blue Mitted

Blue Max

Blue Mitted

Lonerock Mr Snow of Ragabye Blue Colorpoint

Purple Heather’s Wee Pebbles – Seal Bicolore

Aristopurr’s Tabu’ of Marisa

Blue Bicolor

CH Ragnarok Dream Weaver – Lilac Bicolor

Jumeo Romantipurr – Blue Mitted

Tuftytoes Peppermint Patty

Seal Smoke Tortie Colorpoint


Tuftytoes Howard Hugh

Chocolate Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Domino

Seal Mitted

Snuggles of Tuftytoes – Seal Mitted

Tuftytoes Betty Boop – Seal Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Miranda

Seal Colorpoint

Jabber Jaws of Tuftytoes – Seal Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Mayde – Seal Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Ablaze

Seal Silver Shaded Torbie Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Howard Hugh

Chocolate Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Domino – Seal Mitted

Tuftytoes Miranda – Seal Colorpoint

Tuftytoes Tegen

Blue Silver Classic Torbie

Tuftytoes Domino - Seal Mitted

Shady Silver Cloud of Tuftytoes – Black Silver Shaded Torbie